Saturday, August 6, 2011

Almost home!

Hallo Everyone!

I’m writing from Hannover this weekend! Josh and I were at an overnight camp in Lauenstein, a small town about 3 and a half hours outside of Berlin this week for a camp.  The camp site was amazing.  We both were jealous that we didn’t have places like that to go to when we were kids! There was a trampoline, two giant fields with soccer goals, a playground, ping-pong, billiards, a natural swimming pool and mini golf.  We had twenty six kids from Sunday night through Friday afternoon and we had such a good time with them! It’s interesting how much more you get to know and interact with the kids during an overnight camp as opposed to a day camp.  Our group of kids was really good and we were lucky that we didn’t have any issues with them besides them just doing normal kid things.  We were able to spend a lot of time getting to know each kid by talking to them about themselves, playing games with them, watching friendships develop, and watching them interact with each other.  The kids taught us a hide and seek game that they played for hours on end and we eventually played with them.  Watching them have fun just playing around and playing with them made me miss being a kid!

After we left camp last night we went to Hannover to stay for the weekend.  We both decided it was Beer-thirty and we set out to find a good place to sit down and have a good cold drink. We found an American Grille and had wings, chili cheese fries and beer from the tap. The best part about the whole thing was that when we went to the bathroom before leaving it said “restrooms” on the wall.  Now, to those of you reading this that probably doesn’t seem like anything to get too excited about, but for the past two months we have had to call the restroom the toilette because when we ask for the restroom we get looked at like we’re from another planet.  After the American restaurant we went to an Irish pub where the owner is from Ireland and speaks perfect English...needless to say, we’re missing hearing our native language.  Josh went back to Berlin today and I am in Hannover alone tonight and then start camp again on Sunday.  We have one more week of camps left and then it is off to Rome, where we will spend four days and then it is homeward bound!!

Even though we have been having the time of our lives it will definitely be nice to be in one place for longer than a week and be able to read the signs, speak the language, and be able to talk to strangers without first having to ask if they speak English.  12 days and counting until we sleep in our own beds and are able to see all of our family and friends!

Talk to you all sooooon!

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