Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bon Voyage!

So, this is it. It's official, we're leaving!! We leave Denver in an hour and head to Newark where we have a five hour lay-over. And since we've heard the Newark airport is the best place on Earth, we're reeeeally looking forward to spending five hours there...or that's just what we keep telling ourselves anyways. From Newark it is off to Madrid! We can't even wait to begin our adventures and start our amazing summer.  Well we're off to board, so stay posted to keep track of us!


  1. Love the Newark airport so much! I hope you guys gave yourself some time to see the beautiful city of Newark as well and soaked up some of that New Jersey culture before leaving!! So happy for you both!! Can't wait to see you in Berlin!! :D

  2. The Newark airport wasn't actually as bad as we expected it to be! The city itself...not so nice haha but we can't wait to see you either!!